Directory – F


Fedor, Martha, Ph.D. 1984 Stanford Scripps Research Institute Research Specialist, Department of Molecular Biology & the Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology
Feng, John, M.D. 1995 UCSF Laparoscopic Associates. Bariatric Surgeon
Field, Elizabeth, M.D. 1984 Stanford University of Iowa,
College of Medicine
Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Fleck, Rebecca, M.D. 1988 UCSD Hembree Mercy Cancer Center Oncologist
Foley, Denise, Ph.D. 1996 UCLA Chapman University Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Foster-Barber, Audrey, M.D., Ph.D 1999 UCSF University of California,
San Francisco,
School of Medicine
Chief Resident, Department of Neurology
Freedman, Leonard, Ph.D. 1988 UCSF Sloan Kettering Institute Head, Biological Regulatory Mechanisms
Friedman, Scott, M.D. 1982 UCSF Mount Sinai School of Medicine Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Liver Diseases