A.P. Giannini Foundation

How to Apply

Candidates must download and print the 2017 Application Form [95 KB PDF] to apply to the 2017 Fellowship Program. They should work with their prospective mentor and grants officer to prepare the application in advance of the deadline to avoid errors and omissions. The 2017 application form and instructions are also available from the Foundation office.

Notification to Candidates

  • The Foundation must receive the completed application and all reference letters before 3:00 pm (Pacific Time) on Monday, November 1, 2016. Please note the Foundation will not accept applications received after November 1, 2016 nor consider faxed or emailed applications. All Letters of Reference must be sent to info@apgianninifoundation.org.
  • The Foundation will notify candidates by email when their application is complete.
  • Candidates must notify the Foundation if they accept another fellowship at any time during the application and review process (November 1, 2016 to March 2, 2017).
  • Competition for the A.P. Giannini Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program is intense. Less than ten percent of candidates who apply receive awards. The Foundation does not provide successful or unsuccessful candidates with critiques of their applications or their rankings in the review process.


The completed application consists of one copy of the documents listed below. Please type, using standard fonts no smaller than 11-point to prepare the application. Candidates are responsible to ensure the Foundation receives their completed application and all letters of reference by the November 1, 2016 deadline.

Candidates should send one copy of the following eight documents to:
57 Post Street, Ste. 510, San Francisco, CA 94104


  1. The 2017 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Application Form
  2. The candidate’s biosketch and bibliography of publications
    Do not send copies of published articles, colored photographs or other visuals.
  3. Personal statement, not to exceed one page
    Briefly describe why your experience and qualifications make you particularly well-suited for the fellowship. Describe your mentor’s contribution and your level of independence on the project. Finally, state how the fellowship will assist in your future career path.
  4. Non-technical statement for non-scientific audience in 300 words or less
    State the title of your research project and a brief description of the proposed research project that can be understood by the general public.
  5. Significance of proposed research for non-scientific audience, not to exceed one page
    Explain the practical application of your research beyond the laboratory and the potential to help advance the translation of basic biomedical sciences into new treatments, prevention and cures for human diseases.
  6. Technical statement of proposed research, not to exceed five single-spaced pages (excluding bibliography)
    Outline the research problem, the hypotheses, methodology, expected results and timeline for the research project.
  7. Mentor’s biosketch and list of former postdoctoral trainees
    The biosketch should not exceed five pages and include no more than 15 publications relevant to the candidate’s research as well as current and pending support for the laboratory. Provide a one-page list of former postdoctoral trainees and their current positions.
  8. Mentor’s Letter of Recommendation (maximum of four pages)
    Provide a detailed, personalized appraisal of the candidate’s qualifications and proposed research. Outline the specific mentorship plan to help the candidate further develop his/her scientific career and promote his/her independence. Include a brief description of the research facilities and equipment available to the candidate.

Three Letters of Reference

The Foundation requires three letters of reference from qualified individuals best able to assess the candidate’s potential to conduct meaningful research. The quality and depth of these letters are critical to evaluating the candidate’s suitability. Referees must submit letters on their institution’s letterhead to info@apgianninifoundation.org no later than November 1, 2016. Please do not follow-up with a hard copy.
The candidate’s prospective mentor may not serve as one of the referees. Candidates with an MD degree should include a letter from their Residency Chief or Fellowship Director. For candidates with a PhD degree, one of the three referees must be the doctoral thesis advisor.